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Government Creep


Government Creep: What the Government is Doing That You Don't Know About shows how Uncle Sam has now become a dysfunctional parent - standing guard in our bedrooms to "protect" consenting adults form each other, peering at what we read to see if we're "corrupting" ourselves or someone else, making it impossible to run a small business, incarcerating our children and confiscating our homes under laws that make freedom lovers shudder.

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The Government v Erotica


What can you do when government prosecutors, in their zeal to impose thier own moral agenda, attempt to crush your First Amendment rights, trampling a host of other constitutional rights in the process? If your name is Phil Harvey, you fight back.

This is the true story of one company that fought - and won - over our government's efforts to silence its freedom of expression. The outcome of that battle affects the constitutionally protected rights of all of us.

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Let Every Child Be Wanted

childThis book provides the first comprehensive examination of contraceptive social marketing. It includes a full description of the most important of these programs, documenting a form of international assistance that has attracted over $1 billion from governments and other donors.

The author challenges the widespread belief that family planning can only be made available through medically-oriented programs and that foreign assistance must be catalytic rather than long-term.

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