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The Government vs Erotica: The Siege of Adam & Eve

gve“Intriguing and readable… a chilling tale.”
— Reason Magazine

“This is a splendid, entertaining book about the rights of citizens and the eagerness of moralists with the “right” view to impose that view upon others. It is a ringing defense of the First Amendment, surely, but it is also a grim reminder that the First Amendment cannot be taken for granted, but must forever be defended against the zealous.”  (Full Review)
— Erotica Readers and Writers Association

“… Provides an excellent anecdotal way to get a handle on the ongoing pornography debate.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Valuable… A comprehensive introduction to the issues surrounding sexuality in the contemporary United States.”
— Winston-Salem Journal

“Extraordinary…compelling…hard to put down.”
— Sexual Intelligence Newsletter

“Here’s the inside dope…well written, amusing, and exhilarating.”
— Adam Film World

“A frightening, enlightening story.”
— Burton Joseph, Media Coalition

“A powerful indectment of those who would force their narrow view of the world on free people… a must read.”
— Chas. Levendosky, Charlotte Observer, (Originally Caspar (WY) Star-Tribune)

“Readers concerned about free speech will enjoy this surprisingly involving tale…” 
— ALA Booklist

“…a true contribution to the literature on pornography and contemporary American Law… Recommended…” 
— Choice

“…a compelling narrative…bracing…”
— New York Law Journal

The Government vs Erotica has been nominated by the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable of the ALA as the best book on intellectual freedom published in the last two years.


Government Creep: What the Government is Doing That Your Don’t Know About

creepGovernment Creep will give you the creeps about the increasingly invasive role of government in every aspect of our lives – our homes, our workplaces and even our bodies and minds.”
— Nadine Strossen, President of The American Civil Liberties Union

“A clear and concise look into the inner workings of a modern day persecution… A significant chronicle in the evolution of [the] First Amendment Political Debate.”
— Wisconsin Lawyer

Government Creep, shockingly illustrates how the drug war and other government overreaching have deprived U.S. citizens of their rights.”
— George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management

“The aftermath of 9/11 makes Phil Harvey’s analyses and warnings all the more germane. This book is not to be missed by anyone who cherishes freedom.”
— Donald J. Boudreaux, Chariman, Department of Economics, George Mason University

“A frightening, enlightening story.” 
— Media Coalition

“Written in clear, plain language… whether it’s the state’s use of criminal statutes to prosecute those who braid hair without a license or the federal government’s twisting of asset-forfeiture laws to seize private property in the name of “fighting drugs” — Harvey proves that government has invaded virtually every nook and cranny of our lives.”
— Paul Armentano, The Future of Freedom Foundation


Let Every Child Be Wanted: How Social Markeitng is Revolutionizing Contraceptive Use Around the World

wantedPhil Harvey’s book, Let Every Child Be Wanted, describes a highly effective way of making affordable contraceptives available to even very low-income couples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It contributes in a lively and interesting way to our understanding of foreign assistance programs, particularly those for family planning and AIDS prevention.
— President Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia

“This book fills an important gap. Among other things, and this may emerge from the book only as an inference, it is a testament to the perseverance of those who saw in social marketing a powerful tool to apply in taking modern contraception to the hundreds of millions of the very poorest of the world. And Phil Harvey has been in the vanguard from the very beginning.
— Wm. P. Schellstede, Vice President Family Health International

“Phil Harvey’s book on social marketing is a long overdue addition to the literature. Let Every Child Be Wanted chronicles the history of contraceptive social marketing and tells us why this activity has attracted substantial and growing financial support over the past 35 years. Harvey is the true pioneer in this field and his book serves as a manual both for those who manage social marketing programs and those who wish to learn how they operate.
— Noel Capon, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

Let Every Child Be Wanted tells the story of family planning social marketing in Calcutta, India, in 1964 to its present day. Phil Harvey, through PSI, got involved in family planning in Bangladesh just a little after the breakthrough effort in India. He has been a pioneer in conceptualizing and advancing many marketing ideas in the field, which I had the pleasure of following when I later entered this field.

“The book is comprehensive in its coverage and covers Social Marketing issues from different perspectives (Economic, Religious, and Social) and in different countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya). The book provides a fascinating history of family planning and the social marketing approaches used. It is lively with anecdotes, yet rigorously documented.

“I am glad Phil Harvey took the time to document his experiences and wisdom. It is a real contribution.
— V. Kasturi Rangan, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University

Let Every Child Be Wanted is a well-documented and lively description of the social marketing of contraceptives in the developing world. This unique approach to the dissemination of family planning has proven remarkably successful and is now providing low-cost, affordable birth control to millions of couples in some fifty countries. Phil Harvey, a pioneer in the development of this concept, traces the history of social marketing of contraceptives from its origins in Calcutta in 1964 through the controversial programs in Kenya and Bangladesh, to today’s broad array of variously designed programs. The book is very readable, and energized by Harvey’s strong feelings on the subject, a topic to which he has devoted much of his life, as well as on his leavening sense of humor. Some of his statements may well be controversial, but overall this book is an important contribution to the family planning literature.
— Allan Rosenfield, DeLamar Professor and Dean, Columbia University