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Indian Summer

When a famine threatens the State of Bihar in Eastern India in 1967, Roberta Meeker is among the Peace Corps volunteers rushed in to assist in the relief effort.  Richard Verlock is in charge of U.N. operations.  He is deeply cynical about the many do-gooders around him but is perversely attracted to Roberta, the most idealistic of the whole crowd.

Roberta, sure that she can save the world, faces India’s stolidly entrenched caste system at a feeding center.  The plight and passivity of the women--their utter powerlessness and subservience to men--incense her.

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Just In Time

Harry Burns, a cynical Wall Street stockbroker, wakes up naked except for some strips of fur, and lying on what seems to be a forest floor. Soon he is discovered by a menacing group of men who are similarly arrayed, and their hostile behavior leads him inexorably, although amazingly, to the conclusion that he has been captured by a fragile, endangered hunter/gatherer society somewhere in the Pleistocene era. Still cursed or blessed with his wry and savvy twenty-first-century consciousness, he understands that his suspicious hosts will kill him unless he can be immediately useful to them.

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